Apatech Japan | Smart Mobility

Business Overview

Apatech is a Tokyo-based innovation-driven technology company that integrates autonomous vehicles and software platform a one offering. The Company provides electric, interconnected, and shared mobility services with a seamless user experience, enabling everyone to enjoy mobility and connectivity, leading to a smarter and more liberating lifestyle.

What We Do

  • Smart Mobility Sharing.  We primarily operate on an A-to-B point model and a free-floating parking model within a designated area. A-to-B point model can meet the needs of most users while free- floating parking model further enhances user experience and reduces dispatching costs.
  • Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS).  Our MaaS integrates transport services into a single on-demand platform, enhancing user convenience. It offers diverse options like public transport, ride- sharing, and rentals. MaaS benefits users by providing a valuable alternative to private cars and improving transport efficiency.
  • Power Swap. Powered by in-house research capabilities, Apatech Power Swap provides an unparalleled and exclusive power service. Swapping a fully charged battery takes just 20 seconds, ensuring a swift experience. With each swap, automatic checks are conducted on the battery and vehicle to maintain optimal condition